the Rules of pool club

Probably easier just to get this out of the way early on. We do this a lot, so believe us when we say, the best way to get through a pool build is trust and honesty ON BOTH sides. This is a major construction project, there may well be a time during the process when we might have to have a difficult conversation, whether we’ve accidently run over next doors dog with the bobcat, or a concrete hose has burst and covered your car with cement (both these things have happened, that’s why we have insurance). Whatever it is, you’re just going to hear it from us straight, no sugar coating, no lies, no dodged phone calls. Now, we expect the same back from you. If you don’t like a design, or you don’t like how a tile’s been laid, just tell us. You’re not going to offend us, we’re all big boys and girls, the sooner we know about something, the sooner we can change it. The longer you keep quiet, the more difficult it is for us to rectify any issues.
This one’s pretty self-explanatory, installing a pool is supposed to be a nice experience for you and your family, so we got to great lengths to make sure we don’t employ assholes of any variety. If you feel one of our employees has treated you or spoken to you in a manner that might make them fall into this category, please reach out directly to our CEO If in the unlikely event you think he’s being an asshole (you’re probably right), feel free to leave a Yelp review airing your views. Same goes for you guys, if you suspect you may be an asshole or speak to/treat any of employees in such a manner, feel free to buy a pool from someone else.
Look, we don’t care if you’re a boy who likes boys, a girl who likes girls, if you’re black, brown, white, green, from the moon, or identify as a cat and want us to call you Mr Tiggywinkle. If you want a pool, we want you to have a pool, no matter who you are, we’ll even install you a litterbox if you like.