PROJECT REPORT Freeform Pool Project in Temecula


The Mission

You know… We do love designing the crazy, out of the ordinary, million-dollar pool projects in Temecula, of course we do. But, for me, personally at least, I love designing something that’s still super cool, but also budget friendly and usable. This was how our initial conversation went with this client: Client: “We want a freeform pool, it’s got to go there, and we’ve got this much to spend. Can we get a pool for that?” Us: “Ummm, let’s say yes, shall we?”

The Details

Just because we were working to a tight budget, didn’t mean that we wanted to skimp on the design. We made the decision to wrap the outside of the spa with blue mosaic tiles, this draws the eye creating a focal point for the yard. The clients where over the moon with the finished product, we ended up coming in $798 under their initial budget, and that’s including a mini pebble interior finish, and an automation system.

The Challenge (because there always is one)

The first challenge we faced was the space issue, the area in which the client wanted the pool was a little tight. So, we went to the city and pulled the original lot lines from their system, it turned out that the client actually owned the easement on the other side of their property line wall. This allowed us to build the pool within a few feet of the wall, therefore giving them the extra space they wanted. The other challenge we encountered was that remainder of the yard had already been landscaped, the client was understandably reticent for us to start digging plumbing trenches through it. We made the decision to bring the plumbing and electrical runs around the front of the property instead. One nice straight saw cut across the driveway, repoured once the inspections had been signed off, you’d never know it was there.
before & after
Temecula Before temecula_after