The Mission

We’re the company that likes to say “YES”, even to projects which in reality we should be screaming “NO!” through the window as we’re wheel spinning off the homeowner’s driveway. This was one of those projects. The customer had a tight (almost impossible) time frame, and just the small matter of a large hill in their back yard which needed moving. There were some muttered, four-letter expletives in our office when I told the team about this one. The process all sounds very simple when you say it out loud, get some permits, move a mountain, and build a pool in four weeks and one day. Easy!

The Details

The pool itself, fortunately was straight forward, moving the mountain was easier than expected, Riverside County played nice with their inspections. We hit some rock during excavation (standard for Perris), luckily we had our big toys on site moving the hill, so managed to get it out relatively easily.

The Challenge (because there always is one)

The only little hiccup we ran into…. Yeh, that was my fault. I’d set the elevations for the steps Other than that, it was plain sailing all the way. Another one in the books, on time and on budget.
before & after
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