PROJECT REPORT Oceanside Oasis: Pool Project Report


The Mission

When we first arrived on site, the entire property was in a state of disrepair. The homeowner from Oceanside had been renting the property out while they where living out of state. The intention of the owner was to renovate the entire yard so he could let the property as an Air BnB. Our design brief was simple, create something beautiful and eye catching, whilst sticking within a stringent budget.

The Details

The build took just eight weeks from start to finish, and I think you’ll agree the finished product looks fantastic. We used iridescent glass mosaic tiles for the waterline, spa, and water feature wall. This combined with the silver Travertine coping and the dark grey pavers gives the modern, contemporary look that the client wanted.

The Challenge (because there always is one)

The only challenge we encountered on this project was during the first couple of days on site. The homeowner had already hired their own fencing contractor, who had been out and marked the line of the new fence prior to us commencing excavation. When we where a third of the way through the dig the homeowner realized the fence company had marked the location of the new fence incorrectly, therefore making the pool location incorrect. So, we took a deep breath, stuck some pins in our voodoo doll of the fence guy, and moved the pool four feet (which is more difficult than you think). The discrepancy cost us a day, but it was lucky we caught the mistake so early on in the build. Other than this and $600 worth of parking tickets on the trucks the day we were pumping concrete (thanks City of Oceanside), the project was completed without a hitch.
before & after
California Custom Pools Construction Team is preparing the area in constructing a custom pool in oceanside neighborhood A house with a backyard swimming pool, pool lounge, and firepit