Oceanside #2


The Mission

“I love sparkly things and bling!” This was the lady of the house’s opening gambit when we first arrived for our design consultation. “And we want a giant spa, with lots of jets!” This was the gentleman’s contribution. Piece of cake, giant spa, with lots of bling. The design process went without a hitch, the homeowners where great, the lady had a fairly clear idea of what she wanted (which always helps), we had the initial renders completed and signed off within just a few days. The client had already signed contracts with another builder prior to us meeting, but after seeing our design, decided to use us instead, so we had to swap the permits over, again not an issue.

The Details

Fortunately the rain stayed away for the rest of the project. Somehow, we managed to finish it only a week later than we’d initially quoted, even with all the unexpected delays. All’s well that ends well I suppose, and the client couldn’t be happier with the finished result. Giant spa with lots of jets… Check Plenty of sparkles and bling… Check

The Challenge (because there always is one)

The build….. now this is where the problems started. Firstly, it rained, hard, and didn’t stop for two weeks, which delayed our initial start date. Then, on excavation day, our bobcat, and excavator (both less than a year old) inexplicably broke down, so we had to have those repaired on site. What would normally have been a one-day excavation ended up taking us nearly three days. Then it rained, again, for nearly another week. You’d have thought building pools in California you could depend on dry weather, evidently not! Once we’d pumped the rainwater from the pool, we managed to get back on schedule. Our steel and plumbing crews worked through the weekend to keep us on track for our pre gunnite inspection.
before & after
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