PROJECT REPORT Designing Your Dream Pool in Menifee: Project Report


The Mission

There’s nothing like a blank canvass, and that’s exactly what we had with this Menifee pool project. It was a brand-new property with a dirt yard. The only requirements that the homeowner had where “I want it to look cool, and I want it to be rectangular, other than that, you can do your thing.”

The Details

From a design point of view, we decided to use the mosaic 2×1 tiles on the spa spillway, this frames the water nicely against the bigger 6×6 tiles. In addition, we used the charcoal grout to tie in with the anthracite poured in place coping. We didn’t hit one issue during the pool building process, plain sailing all the way. The homeowner was relaxed and easy going, she was happy to let us do what we do and was super pleased with the final result.

The Challenge (because there always is one)

The longest part of this project was waiting for approval from the HOA. Barring that, we built the swimming pool from start to finish in five weeks. Including a new path from the backyard to the driveway for the trash cans.
before & after
A man standing in the empty backyard with fence checking the surroundings for pool construction The finished project of a swimming pool with all the pool and spa installed including the pool tiles, and grass.